Friday, July 9, 2010

A Little Before/After For Your Weekend

Because everyone loves a good before/after, right? Right!

You can find more before/after pics on Better After. What an awesome blog! 


hope505 said...

*heehee! I thought these were all from your house!! !! I was thinking you must either be a tower of power & VERY BUSY or else holding out on the photos for a while!
* ; )
now I see.....
u are still a tower of power!
* : D

M said...

Thanks Hope! You are too sweet:) I have some of my projects coming soon. I'm trying to get them done so I can show them off;)

Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

The picture of the white bedrooms 'before' shot is MIND-BLOWING!!! WHY oh WHY would you ever post that?!??! It does remind me of houses that I've been looking at. Throw things under the bed for heaven sakes!!!!

OK, rant over. Other than the bra I like these pictures.

Sara said...

you have great style and taste...i must come back when i have more time and peruse back through your posts for inspiration! have a great day!

M said...

Sara, so glad you stopped by! Thanks!!! Hope you come back:)

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