Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break!!!!

This past week was our Spring Break. Not a very eventful Spring Break but a relaxing time for sure. I was able to take a day off and we had a wonderful, fun-packed family day. We had a great lunch, including a pizza with almonds on top, sooo yummy! Finally went to the new Hobby Lobby. (The kids weren't sure this was on the "fun" list but I assured them it was. They loved it! :) Had a great time at Zoo Boise, one of our favorite places. Visited Grandma & Grandpa, who are serving a mission for our Church. Ate way too much ice cream. And ended the day (by then it was night) with a trip to our favorite thrifting spot, Saver's. It was a fun, fun day with my 4 beautiful, amazing children.

Hope you all have a great Spring Break, or just Spring!

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