Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Favorites

I've been searching for more of my favorite things and here they are! I know you've been holding your breath.

1. Outdoor office I saw this on Design Mom's blog (which is so awesome and you should check it out, there's a link on my blog). Wouldn't it be so cool to sit in the middle of nature and type, and file, and make phone calls, and organize. It would make all those mundane tasks just a little more enjoyable.

2.Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins These are from my food blog, eatwhatweeat.blogspot.com. They are super yummy! It's pumpkin and chocolate so how can they be anything but?

3. Jeffrey Campbell Grey Suede Ankle Boots Wow! These are so cool and I soooo need them for fall. And I need somewhere to wear them. Party anyone?

4. My Gear Mirror Here is my version of the gear mirror from my previous Favorite Things post. The mirror is kind of scratched up so it goes perfect with the rusted gear. Look for it in my home decor line:)

5. It's Beautiful Here Saw this at Anthropologie last week and loved it. Made by artist Heath Nash.


Mama Runner Parker said...

Melissa--I love your favorites list! I love the gear mirror, the shoes and the "it's beautiful here" so I told Steve I want you to come decorate our place and he said tell her 'if she does it for free and provides the stuff...' what a dork--he's your brother...

Melissa5 said...

We could do your house so cute and for very little. That's my main objective in decorating!

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