Friday, May 16, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....For Now

Just some different pretties that have caught my eye lately. And some yummy treats as well. Enjoy!

I found this bag on Isn't it the cutest? I really want a yellow bag right now.

Mississippi Mud Cake, need I say more? (You can find the recipe on my food blog,

I love, love, love bell jars. So pretty and simple.

I may have to learn to use a wood saw or router or something like that so I can try to make my own version of this. It would be so cute in Van's room.

Anything to do with Key Lime and I'm all over it like a bad rash:)

I'm going to see if we have some large gear parts at work and try to replicate this mirror. If it works out I'll add it to my ever expanding line of furniture and accessories. (So what if my ever expanding line of furniture and accessories are only in my head, I have to start somewhere!)

This is the sink that will go in my future.....

Dream kitchen!!!

And the living room that will go along with my future dream kitchen.


Dawn said...

You can design my dream house!!!

Jennifer said...

I like that purse. I need to get something fun for the summer, but I was looking for someing a little cheaper. Now shoes I'll pay that much, but not for a bag.

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